Could we just remind parents and children of the expected procedures at the track, for safety reasons.


  •   Colts must enter and depart the Stadium when being dropped off and picked up via the main steps leading up to the top floor of the Garenne Stand.
  •   Colts and Parents must not use or enter the area to the stand side of the finishing line inside the barrier fences, for viewing or picking up or dropping off.
  •   Colts must keep their belongings such as tracksuits, trainers, bags etc in the stand seating area so as not to go down onto the track at the end of their session.
  •   Parents can stay and view from the stand and from any point outside the barrier fence which surrounds the stadium.   Please do not use the covered seats on the track.
  •   Only parents officially helping with events or training are allowed inside the barrier fences which surround the track.
  •   If an emergency arises then a parent will be given permission to enter the stadium.


It would be very much appreciated if you would please stick to the above to avoid any potential Health and Safety risks and to avoid the embarrassment of having to be told by coaches to move.