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Colts training days/times: 

Tuesday – all age groups at Footes Lane 5pm till 6pm

Thursday – all age groups at Footes Lane 5pm till 6pm

Photos taken from various colts events, including holiday camps and the recent X/C presentation races can be found below:

Cross Country 2018 / 2019

2018 XC fixtures part two_

Carre Challenge race one – individual results / Carre Challenge race one – combined results Carre Challenge Race two – age group / Carre Challenge Race two – combined

Intertrust (Graded) Race one Intertrust Race two

FNB Race one FNB Race two FNB Race three

DIGIMAP_Race_one DIGIMAP race two


Quadkids 2018

Quadkids results 5 August 2018

Results: Quadkids 5 August 2018

Despite the fact that due to holidays etc. the numbers of athletes competing was down the event itself was again a success and there was some serious competition/performances going on throughout the age groups:

Three points separated the top three under 9 girls

Wilf equals the under 9 boys 400m record and just misses out by two points overall on the day to Rufus

Overall performance of the day was Theo in setting a season leading under 11 boys overall points total of 242

Equally as important to all of the above, masses of effort from everyone and loads of PB’s were being set, either in individual events or in overall points gained etc.

As always a big thank you to all of the volunteers who make the day run so smoothly – special mention today goes to Molly who practised timing all the athletes in the endurance events without making one mistake (not easy!).

One more event left to go this summer on the 9th September. For a bit of variation the Under 11 75m & 600m events will be seeded by time as opposed to having separate boy/girl races – should make for some interesting racing!

We still have some places up available for this week’s Holiday camp should anyone want to come along as a last minute entry. If interested please e-mail

Apologies for the late posting of the 15th July results… completely forgot that I had not done them!   Results are here:
Quadkids 15 July 2018

80 children took part in the latest Quad kids event.

Still some notable individual improvements/ performances dotted around, but if ever proof of how a strong wind can affect performance then Sunday provided ample demonstration!

Head wind for all in the sprints, cross wind for the u11 long jump, head wind for u11 throws and having to run into a headwind twice in the 600m did have an effect on most performances.

On a day when I am told howlers were almost blowing back on themselves in the u11 event it is congratulations to Ed Robinson who took advantage of a momentary drop in the wind to set a new under 11 howler record!

At the other end of the pitch, with tail winds in evidence, there were some might impressive throws in the u9 and u7 categories.

As always huge thanks for all of the help we received on the day.

Well down to all and results attached: Quadkids 17 June 2018 / Quadkids 17 June 2018 updated U9 boys

QuadKids results from event held this week-end attached. Think we had about 95 athletes taking part, which was fantastic! Individual scores already improving throughout the age ranges which is good to see.

Huge thank you to the masses of parents and junior athletes who assisted and ensured the event ran smoothly and finished pretty much bang on time.

As ever, should there be any queries over the results please just message me.
Results: Quadkids 3 June 2018

Next event: 17th June 2018 

As explained to all of the children yesterday the aim going forward is to try and better their own scores. If they all just keep looking for that as a target then there will be some real improvement throughout the summer series.

Just a reminder that the top four scores over the six event series are combined and count towards end of season awards.

Well done again to all those involved!

Results attached: Quadkids 20th May 2018

Any queries or errors please do just message or e-mail me.

There are another five QuadKids events lined up for the summer. Those who signed up purely for the “taster” event will now need to submit an entry form in order to gain entry to the rest of the series. As we saw on Sunday, these events are very much open to all (including non-members). Entry form here: QuadKids 2018

Cross Country Season 2017 / 2018


Fixtures for the second half of the season are here: 2018 XC fixtures part two

Any queries over results etc. please e-mail:

Taster event: Taster Event 24.9.17
Intertrust (Graded) series race one / Intertrust (Graded) series race two / Intertrust (Graded) series race three / Intertrust (Graded) series race four
Carre Challenge Sponsored by Co-Op race one / Combined age groups race one  Carre Challenge Sponsored by Co-Op race two / Combined age groups race two Carre Challenge Sponsored by Co-Op race three / Combined age groups race three /Carre Challenge Sponsored by Co-Op race four / Combined age groups race four
FNB series race one    FNB series race two    FNB series race three  FNB series race four  FNB series race five

Digimap Race one /  Digimap Race twoDigimap Race three / Digimap Race four / Digimap Race five

Primary School Cross Country 2018

Good Friday 2018 / Easter Saturday 2018 / Easter Monday 2018

QuadKids 2017

QuadKids covers the core disciplines of running, throwing and jumping and is run in a quadrathlon format. Over the course of approx. two hours athletes will take part in four events with their performances being scored using a points table. This summer series of events are open to non-club members.

QuadKids 2017 entry form is here: QuadKids 2017

Club Records
The colts records that are relevant to Quadkids are listed here: Colts Records relevant to QK

Quadkids Event one – 7 May 2017
60 athletes took part in 7th May event. Good fun had by all and some new faces on show, which is always good to see! Thanks to all of the parents/coaches/officials and junior helpers who assisted in making the event run pretty smoothly given it was the first event of the year.

Three records broken or equaled in the under 9 category. Given that this is the only the first event of the season shows the hard work over the winter is already paying off. Results here:Quadkids results 7 May 2017

Quadkids Event two – 4 June 2017

Great second event attended by over 100 children.
Huge thank you to all the additional coaches, juniors and parent helpers who made the whole thing run pretty smoothly I think.

Three more records broken in the u9 ranks. Bertie Beddow extends his own long jump record out to 1.94m. Ed Robinson smashes under 9 boys’ howler record by over two meters, setting new mark of 35.94m. Tillie H-W breaks the overall combined score record by one point and sets new a new total of 186 points. Well done to all taking part. Results are here: Quadkids results 4 June 2017

Quadkids Event three – 9 July 2017
Main highlights again come from the under 9 boys. Ed and Bertie driving each other on to ever increasing scores. Bertie equals his own long jump record and Ed equals the overall point record. Suspect by end of the season all records for this age group will be owned between them.

A quick check through the results shows that vast majority of the athletes taking part on Sunday set new personal bests in terms of overall points scores. Well done to all! Results are here:
Quadkids results 9 July 2017

Quadkids Event four- 9 July 2017

Weather meant that most athletes were down by about 10-15 points on their PB’S, so anyone who did set a good score has done really, really well. Well done to Ed Robinson who takes almost 2 meters off his own u9 howler record.
Quadkids results 30 July 2017

Quadkids Event five – 13 August 2017
Well done to all of those that turned up. Warm weather meant everyone got back on track in terms of individual scores, with some large PB’s being set.
Remember, two more events to go and top four individual scores to count towards end of season awards.
Quadkids results 13 August 2017

Quadkids Event six – held as part of the Intertrust Games meeting – 2 September 2017
Quadkids results 2 September 2017

Quadkids Event seven
Almost 70 athletes took part in the last meeting for this Summer. Well done to all of those athletes and the others that have taken part over the summer. Results are here: Quadkids results 10 September 2017

Huge thank you to all of the junior and parent helpers who has assisted in making these series of events run, I think, so smoothly. Prize giving will be held as part of the clubs awards night in January.

Cross country fixtures will be published in due course. Those races will also be open to all.  

As always corrections/omissions please e-mail them through to:

Intertrust Easter Festival 2017

Race one – Footes Lane
77 athletes took part in the first race of the Intertrust Easter Running Festival. Results here: Good Friday 2017

Thanks to the nine juniors who helped marshal the course as well as control the finish line. We’ll name check them following the last race but, as always, their help was invaluable!

Race two – Lucksall Garage
94 runners today. Great racing and some good “battles” right throughout the fields in the various races. Results here: Easter Saturday 2017

Race three – Easter relays
Well done to all those that took part today. Usual chaos endued during the u7 relay race but I guess that is now becoming part of the Easter tradition for these events! Results here: Colts Relays

Race four – Bordeaux Headland
80 athletes raced today over what was a new course for the Easter festival. Deemed to work really well so will look to keep in for next year. Results are here:  Easter MONDAY 2017

Huge thank you to all of the athletes for taking part in what was I think another fantastic series of races and the first under the sponsorship of Intertrust. Everyone ran to their best, had fun and were all encouraged by the many parents dotted around the various courses. Also a big thank you to those parents who helped take down the courses after each event. Well done all!!

Thanks to the finish line team of Tracey Marley, Abi Galpin, Sara Marley, Kelsi Adamson and Linda Moroney – feedback from them was that it helped massively that for every race every athlete (apart from one on final day!) remembered to bring their number.

Steven Marley for helping me set up the three individual courses (including being on site at 7am this morning!), as all as packing all of the goodie bags prior to handing them out today. Josh Powell for helping out wherever he could including acting as runner for the younger ones.

And lastly to the members of my sprints/hurdles group who turned up and helped marshal the races. Rhiannon, Sorcha, Ollie, Mia (who managed three races) and in particular both Meg and Macy who made it to all four of the races!

Follow the link above to our flickr site for some photos of the week-ends races.

Cross country 2016/2017

Cross-country fixtures for second half of the season here: 2016 XC fixtures part two

Intertrust race one  Intertrust race two  Intertrust race Three  Intertrust race four Intertrust race five
carre challenge sponsored by rothschild race one results / combined age group results    race two results / combined age group results  Carre Challenge sponsored by Rothschild race three results / combined age groups Carre Challenge race four results
Randell & Loveridge race one  Randell & Loveridge race two Randell & Loveridge race three Randell & Loveridge Race four Randell & Loveridge Race five
FNB series race one FNB series race two FNB series race three FNB series race four FNB series Race Five
Digimap race one  Digimap Race two and Primary Schools Champs



Intertrust Quadkids 2016

2016 QuadKids summer series: QuadKids 2016 entry form

17 April 2016 Results: QK taster event 
Well done to those athletes and officials who braved a pretty miserable Sunday morning when taking part in the first our Summer Quadkids events. I think the weather certainly played a part in some of the scoring, in particular the jumps and throws elements. Fingers crossed for better weather at our next event!

For those who have pre-entered then individually numbered tech t-shirts have been ordered and should be here in time for the next event.

If you have not pre-entered the upcoming events and wish to do so please complete the entry form and return it asap. T-shirts will then be ordered and will be passed out as and when they arrive.

8 May 2016 Results: QK results 8 May 2016
Well done to all 93 (?) athletes who took part. A really big thank you to all of those parents/coaches/junior helpers who helped us rattle through the events.
I am aware the event ran over the allotted two hours so will be making some changed to ensure we try to stop that happening in the future.
Any queries over the results etc. then please just e-mail me.
5 May 2016 Results: 5 June Results
Over 90 athletes again took part in this event. Weather was great and some real progression show by loads of athletes on the day. Under 11 girls / Under 9 girls in particular shaping up to be quite a competitive series!

3 July 2016 Results: 3 July Results
Well done to all those athletes who took part in this latest event. Conditions far from ideal but still some pretty impressive displays from a number of athletes.
Any amendment please e-mail me.

16 July 2016 Results: July 16th Intertrust Games
Well done to those that took part in the Intertrust Games. As predicted the fantastic weather led to a lot of exceptional performances – although judging by some of the times the heat may have finally taken it’s toll in the endurance races held as the last of the four events.

On a day when the adult javelin throwers stole the show in the main event it was appropriate that Aideen Le Prevost extended her u11 club howler record and in doing so became the first girl to throw over 30 meters.

7 August 2016 Results: 7 August Results 
Another good turn out for an event that was, judging by majority of the individual scores, affected by the gloomy and windy conditions. Highlight of the meeting was Bertie Beddow breaking the boys under nine standing long jump record with a leap of 1.83m. This beat the mark of 1.79m set less than a month ago by Charlie Hynes.

11 September 2016 Results: 11 September-results
Last event of the year brought the best weather we have had for a QK event all summer. Athletes certainly responded both in numbers (83) that turned out and in terms of the HUGE number of personal best scores achieved by athletes.

As always if anyone missed off results just e-mail athletes name to

Highlights were found throughout the age groups. Closest battle of the season was eventually won, just, by Bertie Beddow in beating Ed Robinson into second place for the overall u9 boy’s title. Performance of the day belonged to one of our younger athletes. Alexander Mills became the first u7 boy to amass a score of more than 200 points & in process threw the mini howler out to a distance just short of 30m.

Well done to all of those that took part over the course of the season. A massive thank you to all of the parents, coaches and junior helpers who assisted with the QK events over the summer. The QK events are now so big that without their help these events simply could not happen.

Trophies are in the process of being ordered and there will an awards event in due course.

KPMG Easter Festival 2016

Easter Festival Race one. Footes Lane. 104 athletes took part. Fantastic numbers so well done to all!! EASTER 2016 GOOD FRIDAY RESULTS
Easter Festival Race two. Despite lots of reported illness we had 112 take part today. Results: EASTER 2016 SATURDAY
Easter Festival Race three. Results:KMPG Easter RELAY 2016
Easter Festival Race four:EASTER 2016 Monday Results

Huge thank you to all of the athletes for taking part and to Tracey Marley, Lynn Williams, Abi, Gemma and Sara in particular for performing check in and finish line duties so well!!

Also a big thank you to all of the parents & athletes who stayed behind and helped get the poles/arrows in after every race – trust me, your help was much appreciated!

Lastly, must also just mention Steven Marley for all of his help in (uncomplainingly!!) setting up most of the courses as well as packing all of the goodie bags that were handed out on Monday.

Photos from various events (including FNB race) are here:

Cross country 2015/2016

Cross country fixtures – second half of season: GIAAC XC Winter 2015 part two
Intertrust race one  Intertrust race two  Intertrust race three  Intertrust race 4 Intertrust race 5 Intertrust race 6
Intertrust Primary Schools Race 1  Intertrust Primary Schools Race 2 Intertrust Primary Schools Race 3
RANDELL & LOVERIDGE Race one  RANDELL & LOVERIDGE Race2 RANDELL & LOVERIDGE Race3 Randell and Loveridge Race 4
Randell & Loveridge race5
FNB Race One  FNB Race Two  FNB Race3 FNB Race4 FNB Race5
Digimap Race one Digimap race two DIGIMAP Race three + Club Championship DIGIMAP race four